My Top 5 Favorite Video Game Couples

Heey everyone!

I thought it would be fun to do another video game post and share with you guys some of my favorite couples! If a couple interests you, check out a scene I link in there title and let me know what you think! Are you a gamer? If not, who are your favorite couples in books or movies? I wanna know! 🙂

Without further ado,

Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy 10)

“Stay with me until the end…please.” – Yuna

Tidus and Yuna will forever be one of my favorite couples in any sort of story because I’m a sucker for ill-fated love apparently…Tidus, a famous blitzball player (think swimming + soccer + football all in one,) is living in the huge and lively city of Zanarkand until one night, a massive monster attacks and Tidus gets too close. Suddenly, he’s transported nearly 1,000 years into the future. Basically, he’s completely clueless about this world that is entirely different from his own – even finding out that his beloved Zanarkand was destroyed long ago. Tidus is lost and trapped in a foreign time until he meets Yuna, a young priestess who is about to depart on her pilgrimage to gain greater power and defeat an all too familiar monster who has been terrorizing Yuna’s world long before she was born. Despite being from two completely different worlds and times, Yuna and Tidus understand each other in ways that no one else does and Tidus becomes one of the only people who questions her beliefs and challenges her to think about what she truly wants for herself.

Jess Riley & Mike Munroe (Until Dawn) 

“Mike…He came for me…He did.” – Jess

Okay, while most people who have played Until Dawn probably expect Chris and Ashley to be the big romantic couple, my heart was totally stolen by Jess and Mike’s relationship. Though Jess might come off as a barbie and Mike a tool at the beginning, it was the fact that Mike ran off to save Jess she was in trouble that changed my mind about them. How many people would chase after someone they didn’t love, into the dead of night and in the snowy mountains with a killer on the loose? It’s a brilliant tutorial to the game and one of the only light-hearted moments in the story before everything goes to hell. The two share a lovey-dovey snowball fight in the snow complete with a romantic soundtrack (one that takes a completely bone-chilling turn just a few chapters later – making it all the more better.) Their chapters are chock-full of cheesiness, romance and terrible puns that makes it pretty much impossible to not like them. That’s probably why when I made a seriously unfortunate decision resulting in Jess’ death, I had to start the entire game over for her before I could go on. Between Mike’s heroicness and (depending on your decisions,) Jess’ whisper at the end of ‘He came for me…he did.’ my heart was completely melted in a puddle at my feet.

Snow Villiers & Serah Farron (Final Fantasy 13)

“Serah: I don’t know. I don’t know my Focus. I’m gonna be a monster.

Snow: Not if I’m here. I’ll protect you. We’ll figure this out–do it together. Okay?”

 Snow and Serah are pretty much the epitome of an epic romance. In the span of one game, we see the couple date, get engaged and face devastation when Serah becomes a Lacie (pretty much a slave who becomes destined to do the dirty work of the people in charge for the rest of their lives,). Snow stands out in the colorful group of protagonists who all have a pretty emotional stake in the quest, as he searches to find a way to free his soulmate at any cost. If that doesn’t spell epic romance, I don’t know what does.

Nate Drake & Elena Fisher (Uncharted)

“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid – of losing you.”

Speaking of Epic romances…I love Nate and Elena’s relationship because it’s both epic and mundane. They’re nowhere near a perfect couple and yet they always have each others backs. In the first game, Nate underestimates Elena when he first meets her, ditching the young journalist as he goes off on his adventure for treasure without her. She completely proves him wrong by tracking him down and bailing him out of a tight spot – andd promptly punches him in the face right after. I love Elena for the fact that she’s not just a damsel and can hold her own beside Nate and all of his craziness. The game and actors also does a great job of making the relationship even more realistic when in the third game it’s implied that the two got married off screen but that something caused them to split because their first encounter is awkward as hell. They don’t make you feel bad that you missed out on anything, only that you want to know what will happen next. But, not to worry, because by the end of the game, Nate’s ring is back on Elena’s finger! It’s impossible to pick one scene I love from the two, but, there is one moment in the fourth and final game where Nate has been lying to his now wife the entire game while he is on a quest for treasure – after promising that he is done with that part of his life. When she finds out, she confronts him before storming off. Nate pretends he doesn’t care (which he totally does,) but the best part is that Elena doesn’t just leave, even if technically she totally had the right to. Instead, she decides to stick around and once again in her usual bad-ass girl-power fashion, saves Nathan Drake’s life.

Max Caulfield & Chloe Price (Life Is Strange)

“Maxine Caulfield: I’m so glad you’re my partner in crime.

Chloe Price: As long as you’re my partner in time.”

For a while, I was totally shipping Chloe’s other possible romantic option. However, the chemistry and bond between Max and Chloe is pretty difficult to ignore. At first, things are a touch awkward when these two friends rekindle their old friendship when Max moves back to her hometown. However, Max is the one who saves Chloe from getting shot after discovering she has the power to rewind time and Chloe is the one who gives Max the self-confidence to believe in herself and do the right things when the time calls for it (ironically, considering Chloe is a total rebel.) These two will make you laugh, cry and seriously make you appreciate your best girlfriends.

Well, there you have it, all my favorite couples. Maybe next time a book-themed couple post? Don’t forget to let me know who are your favorite couples are! Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time, goodnight everyone!


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