My Top 6 Favorite Video Games

Hey there, happy Monday!

Today, I wanted to share with you guys my all-time favorite video games 🙂

Are you a gamer? Even if you’re not, maybe you’ll find some of these stories interesting! I’ve always been drawn to games where story-telling is at the forefront – maybe it’s because I’m a writer? Anyway, here’s my list of favorite games to play!!

6. Fallout New Vegas

Fallout is this amazing, creative and dark universe set way back in time but where technology thrived once. The games take place after the world was bombed and destroyed during a terrible war – now it’s slowly recovering from radiation and survivors are picking up the pieces. Fallout New Vegas is my favorite because personally, I think the story is better. I like that there’s some semblance of normal life returning (filled with diverse factions,) but that it’s still a Fallout game. The fact that your choices matter and actually have an impact on the end is also really awesome. Plus, I kinda have a soft spot for certain characters like the sarcastic Cass and brooding Boone 🙂 There’s something about having them by my side with a hunting rifle slung over my shoulder that made me feel totally bad ass walking down the mojave desert.

5. Life Is Strange

I love Life Is Strange for so many reasons! The first few episodes might seem like a chill hipster fest with an interesting superhero twist but then out of nowhere, the story picks up unbelievably fast and you’re suddenly left there with your jaw hanging open. I loved the calming vibes of Blackwell and the whole photography aspect because I was a photography student once too. Max’s journey from a shy girl who has no confidence to being a kick ass hero who protects the people she loves was so endearing to watch unfold! Plus, the friendship between her and Chloe coupled with a soundtrack that I will never stop having on repeat were equally awesome. What can I say, this game has everything – love, terror, friendship, tears, awesome music…can’t ask for much more! 🙂

4. Until Dawn

Between the bone-chilling story, the characters that you simultaneously love and hate plus the heart-pounding action you have a front row seat too, Until Dawn quickly won me over. I rented it this past Halloween to play with my boyfriend and best friend and I may have already replayed it 3 times since. Am I sad? The fact that conversations, scenes and endings can be totally different every time depending on your actions is so cool to me! I remember the first time we played, we accidentally killed Jess and we restarted the entire game just to save her because I had felt like she was relatable and sweet and I refused to go on without her – that’s what this game does to a person :p Also, the acting in this game is amazing – if you’re a fan of Hayden Panettiere or Rami Malek – welll you’re in luck! PS. I took this cool quiz to find out which Until Dawn character I am..give it a try if you’re interested and let me know in the comments below who you got – apparently, I’m Chris!

3. Bioshock 2

The Bioshock series is one of my favorite games primarily because the setting is so unique – and this is coming from someone who is absolutely terrified of the ocean. The first game has a twist you never expect at the end, the second has an endearing and emotional story plus the game play everyone loves from the first and the third is a combination of the two. It’s a series that only keeps getting better and better. I love walking through the dank, dark halls of Rapture armed with my electro-bolt in one hand and shotgun in the other even when the game is terrifying me. Side-note, I’d make a bad ass big daddy because Little Sisters are my favorite part of the game (and probably why I like the second installment the best). Maybe to some they look creepy as hell but to me..well I just want to save them all.

2. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X was the first video game my parents ever bought for me. There will literally never be another love story that does it for me like Tidus and Yuna’s does. To me, Yuna shines as the epitome of a strong and beautiful heroine and she steals the spotlight for me every time. While the combat system may seem ancient to some, I love it’s simplicity. However, it also requires you to be smart and be your own tactician. I appreciate that not every scene is drop-dead gorgeous because the ones that are still remain some of my favorite cut scenes to this day (that lake scene!). The world of Spira is so unique and the tale of friendship and love will always remain a special adventure to me.

1. Uncharted Series

And this brings me to my favorite game…*drum roll* Uncharted! It’s really hard to pick my favorite out of the four games but I really enjoyed Among Thieves and A Theif’s End the most. I’ve had a ps4 for a little over a year and got the Uncharted series edition with it. Honestly, I thought nothing of the games at first. But out of boredom, I played the first one just for fun. It didn’t take long before I was totally hooked. With Nate and Sully’s hilarious and tight friendship, the fun of exploring for treasure all around the world and a romance that almoost matches how much I love Tidus and Yuna, it took only a matter of months, before I finished the entire series. Is it sad that the Story Trailer (linked above) always get emotional no matter how many times I see it?

If you couldn’t tell, I’m just a little obsessed with video games. Thanks for reading through this post and if any of these game interest you or you have your own list of games, drop me a comment and let me know! Don’t forget to give me a follow for updates on new stuff – I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 🙂

Have a good rest of the week!


14 thoughts on “My Top 6 Favorite Video Games

      1. Oh it’s totally like a story when you watch someone play!
        Condemned had this part where you’re faced by mannequins…and then you turn away and you turn back, and they’ve moved closer. And you do it again, and they’ve moved even closer. It freaked me out!

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    1. Ugh you totally should! I typically cringe at anything horror because I’m such a wuss buut Until Dawn easily became one of my top three favorite games. The story is so well written and graphics are from pretty much from another world xD

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