My Everyday Essentials

Hey fellow wanderers!

Today, I wanted to stray a little from book-related posts and do something different. I’ve always loved watching and reading about other peoples ‘essentials’ and so I thought it’d be cool if I threw my own out there. Take a look! (Side note: yes, I’m totally aware I over pack – It’s going to be the bane of my existence!)


  • My laptop (It goes almost everywhere with me! It’s home to everything I’ve ever written and I love studying in coffee shops on breaks or days off. Also, I have a slight obsession with stickers. I like to think that they say a lot of about the owner :p All of them are either from Redbubble, Etsy or Brandy Melville)
  • Bomber Jacket (This army green bomber is my favorite jacket that I own! It’s from Brandy Melville and the second it becomes warm enough to ditch winter jackets or just chilly enough for layers, I whip it out from my closet.)
  • Beanie (This grey hat was originally my boyfriends until one night when I didn’t dress warm enough and he lent it to me. It’s been mine ever since!)
  • Wallet, Headphones & Opus (These are the three main things I always have on me when I’m out and about.)
  • Lipbalm (I’m not a huge fan of makeup, but I almost always have mascara and lipbalm on me. One is just a basic one from Nivea and the other is a pink tinted balm from Lush if I’m feeling fancy.)
  • Water Bottle (I have a hate-love relationship with water. I’d much rather be drinking some sort of coffee, latte or tea. But this bottle from Blogilates always keeps me motivated to drink more water, especially in the summer. I love the filter for adding fruit too!)
  • Books (I always have a book with me to keep me entertained on long train or bus rides. Right now, I’m about more than halfway through Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander! I’m also in the middle of learning Korean because I’m completely obsessed with their culture, so I carry around this tiny guide/dictionary with me wherever I go.)
  • Pens & Notebook (Being a student, 99% of the time I completely forget my pencil case at home so I always have some stray ones in my bag handy. It’s not in the picture, but I also always have my planner just in case.)
  • Cell Phone (And last but not least, my cell phone. Sadly, I have trouble going anywhere without it, mainly because I hate being out without my music. I definitely have way more music than I do apps/games but when inspiration strikes, I use my notes and if I’m bored, I’ll typically flip through Pinterest, Facebook or WordPress!)

So there are my everyday essentials! What do you always carry around with you? Let me know in the comments down below! 🙂 Don’t forget to follow so you can hear about new content – I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “My Everyday Essentials

  1. Hello Mel,
    I found it very interesting to see what you take around. I carry around a handbag with tissues, keys, phone, wallet and a tiny paper pad with pen to jot down writing inspirations that come to me when I’m out and about. But it’s what’s inside my wallet that I think you’ll never guess. Check it out on my blog:

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