My Top 5 Favorite Authors

Hey there! was suppose to be a post about something along the lines of ‘spring organization ideas/decor’. But then I woke up to a fresh coat of snow..welcome to Canada!

Not even two days ago, I was happily ditching my boots and ready to break out my spring jacket -alas, Mother Nature struck again and the possibility of an early spring doesn’t seem so possible anymore.

Instead, I thought it’d be fun to share with you my favorite authors! It was suppose to be a top 3 buut I kind of couldn’t help myself. I tried but it was way too hard to narrow it down! C’mon, I bet you have the same problem, right? Or maybe you don’t and in that case, I envy you, because I could get lost talking about my favorite authors for hours.

Without further ado – here are my top 5 favorite authors 🙂

1. Kelly Armstrong

Kelly Armstrong has been my number 1 favorite author for years. It’s true when people say that her work defies genres. It’s really hard to pin one of her novels as just romance, paranormal, horror or mystery. It’s a bit of everything.  A melting pot of multi-layered and realistic characters who carry dark secrets – and it’s all set in the real world.  I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it through the entire book, ‘Bitten‘, without nightmares because I’m such a wuss when it comes to horror. But, the elements of real world mixed with the paranormal really drew me in. Plus there’s the relationship between Elena and Clay (if you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about!) but I wont get into them here because they’ll easily take over this entire post. In short, after reading Bitten, the Otherworld Series easily ended up becoming my favorite series ever.

2. LJ Smith

My mom originally bought me the first book in ‘The Vampire Diaries‘series as a Christmas present one year. I was thirteen and going through a fad of loving all things vampire-related (thank you, Twilight) so I practically unwrapped the present, ran into my bedroom and began reading it that morning. Since then, I’ve read a ton of her other books and loved each one. She talks a lot about making magic real and has a knack for putting such a deep element of fantasy into her books that’s hard to describe without reading her books firsthand.

3. Lauren Oliver

I love everything about Lauren Oliver from the serious girl-power in all of her books and the way she makes you think about what’s really important in life. She’s so down to Earth in all of her interviews and writing advice videos. I’m not a huge fan of rereading a novel once I’ve finished it but her novel ‘Before I Fall‘ was the first book I found myself picking up again and again from my bookshelf. Lauren does a lovely job of making characters who are relatable and powerful, showing that no matter who you are, you have the power to change and be who you are.

4. Becca FitzPatrick

Becca Fitzpatrick is the genius mind between characters Nora and Patch in ‘Hush, Hush‘. Again, this is one of the few series that I could pick up and read over and over again. I love the witty banter, the romance, the moody setting and the mystery. I picked up Black Ice a few months back and unfortunately haven’t gotten around to it just yet but I seriously can’t wait! Judging by the back of the book, it seems like it already has a ton of things that I loved from her previous stuff which is why I’m so excited. Paranormal mixed with romance is easily my favorite combo when it comes to choosing something to read. Might I also add that Becca was the first author I ever saw to share a playlist that inspired her while she worked on each book. I thought that was so cool of her to share! Plus, Hush, Hush kind of inspired my love for anything fallen angel related and peaked me interest stories about the afterlife.

5. Abbi Glines 

I picked up The Vincent Boys after searching the YA section for a quick and easy read one day in Chapters. Cheesy covers and steamy romances aside, I love Abbi Glines for her characters. When I’m looking for something fun, short and sweet to read, I pick up the next book in one of her series. When I reached the end of The Seabreeze series, I found myself sorely disappointed that it was over because I’d fallen in love with the town and it’s characters. Ash, the protagonist in Vincent Boys, is such a strong-willed and awesome character that I applauded for how she followed her heart in a tough situation. Though I understand how some people can call her work predictable, it’s definitely a formula that I think works and is entertaining to read thanks to her unique and colorful characters.

Honorable Mentions (or am I just trying to cheat?) 

  • Neil Shusterman
  • Jennifer L Armentrout
  • PC Cast & Kristin Cast

That’s all I’ve got for today! Who are your favorite authors at the moment? And do you have trouble narrowing the list down like I do? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below! As always, don’t forget to follow or subscribe for new posts every Monday and Wednesday!

Have a good day/night and see you next time!


3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Authors

  1. Great picks! I haven’t read any of Kelley Armstrong’s books, but I’ve heard of her works and you have me wanting to pick them up aha. I LOVE Lauren Oliver as well! I really loved Before I Fall and her other books as well. ❤ Loved this post!

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