Before I Fall (Movie Review)

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So I’ve been hyping up for the release of Before I Fall (based on the novel of the same name and written by Lauren Oliver,) since it was announced! Plus, I’m a major fan of Lauren Oliver and all of her work, so when I heard that something she wrote was being adapted for the screen, I was so excited! I adore everything about the book from the message, the story itself to the stunning and colorful cover.

Before I Fall centers around high schooler, Sam, who thinks she is leading the perfect life; great friends, hot boyfriend etc. However, this totally changes when Sam is in the middle of a car accident on the way home from a house party. Mysteriously, she wakes up to the same day again and again, unable to escape the cycle.

If you’ve been curious about the movie and whether the adapt is any good, I figured I’d give it a review it and tell ya what I thought!



One of the major themes of Before I Fall is friendship and the bond between Sam, Lindsey, Ali and Elody. The girl power in this film was strong! Though Sam is at the center, I loved how each girl had their own distinct personality. Elody is fun and free-spirited, Ali smart and poised , Lindsey protective and fierce. And then finally, there is our protagonist Sam, who is loyal and sweet. Being from my own quartet of girls whom I’ve known since High school and earlier, I really connected with their tight bond and love for each other! All the actresses did an amazing job of nailing their characters in the group! Even in the first minute of the movie (which shows each character getting ready for school,) I could pick out who was who without any introductions.


Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 1.03.17 PM.png

Throughout the movie, Sam faces her guilt about what the quartet has done to ‘weird girl’ Juliet and what she can do to make up for it. Sam wonders whether she is a good person and reflects about what is really important in the life that she has led up until now. She wonders whether this loop will last forever and how she can escape it. I felt Sam’s desperation and fear as she counted down to the last fateful hour of her life each night. Even though I knew the ending, I still held my breath with Sam when she clutched her phone, praying for time to go on like it should. Both the acting and directing did a great job of building suspense and curiosity in the theater!



Oh my god! I cannot even begin to describe how much I loved the acting that went down between Zoey Deutch (Sam) and Logan Miller (Kent)! While Kent is a sweet and funny character in the book, he definitely was not the main attraction of the story to me. Obviously, it’s easy to root for such an amazing guy when we see how Rob treats Sam. But I have to say, I adored how they went about the story between Sam and Kent. It always bothered me in the books that while Sam’s feelings for him grew, he couldn’t remember the moments they shared since the day was repeating BUT I loved how they depicted Kent being her constant anchor no matter what she was going through. Even though he wasn’t aware of what was happening to Sam exactly, their relationship on-screen got so many ‘awww’s out of me!


What I Would Have Changed.

The only thing that I would have wanted to change about the movie has to do with Lindsey. The actress, Halston Sage, did an amazing job. And I also really appreciated the intimate book moments between Sam and Lindsey that they incorporated (Sam and Lindsey getting ready before the party, the night of the sleepover). However, I sorely missed the day in the books when Sam cuts class with Lindsey to go for froyo. It really added some layers to Lindsey’s character and where she’s coming from. Constantly using ‘my parents divorced’ as the sole reason for her sometimes brash behavior felt a little one-dimensional sometimes whereas in the book, that gets more explanation. To me, her character was anything but a typical mean girl, but I would have loved if they showed that off more in the movie adaption.



All in all, I would recommend the movie just as much as I would the book! I cannot wait ’till it comes out on DVD because I’ll probably grab it the day it comes out! Everything from the acting to the setting and the soundtrack screamed High school and it was definitely a true adapt that honored the book! I loved how the important themes within the book weren’t lost inside some dramatic and hormone fueled teen movie and that the cast really brought the characters to life.

If you’re interested in seeing this, I’d definitely recommend this to you – especially if you’re a fan of the book! If you’re into films like Mean Girls or Groundhog Day, this is a must see!

Well, that’s what I’ve got for today 🙂

If you’ve seen the movie or love the book, let me know in the comments down below! What do you think of the rising increase of YA book-movie adapts going on? As always, don’t forget to give me a follow if you haven’t already for new posts – I post every Monday and Wednesday!

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