5 Struggles Of Being A Writer

Us writers are a strange breed. We’re creative and eccentric, passionate and determined, meticulous and witty. We beat ourselves up daily because we’re sure we’ve just written the worst jumble of words we’ve ever read but we won’t let anyone else deter us from continuing it. Our novels and our poems are like our child and we’ll never give up on them – even if they do drive us crazy sometimes. Without further ado, here are 5 struggles of being a writer!

5. The Procrastination Game

Most writers will tell you that waiting until you’re inspired to write or until you have time to write means nothing will ever get done. The best thing to do is to set a specific time to work and stick to it even if there’s an earthquake and your ceiling is caving in. Your phone won’t stop vibrating with new tweets and pins and snapchats – how are you expected to sit down, concentrate and work when you could be checking out the social life you’re missing out on right now?

4. Waiting To Be Inspired (a.k.a Writer’s Block)

So with your head in the game again, you spend an obscene amount of hours listening to music and looking at pictures to get yourself in the mood to write. You plan to write, you outline exactly what you’re going to do and it’s all neatly figured out. All you have to do now is actually is sit down and do it. But then, you find yourself staring endlessly at the blank page and nothing happens. After finally finding time to sit down and write, it’s like you’re suddenly the least creative person on the planet. You want nothing more than to pump out a good chapter but you can’t come up with anything to type. You’ve been plagued with the evil and relentless thing call writer’s block.

3. Weird Writing Hours

Probably one of the strangest things about being a writer is getting inspired at the weirdest times. Have you ever woken up at 4am after an amazing dream? You know you have to write it down now or you’ll never remember the idea you just got. Or maybe while everyone is hitting the sack at a reasonable hour, you’re just starting a new pot of coffee. You know you’ll be up until dawn and you know you’ll totally regret it tomorrow but you do it anyway because hey, you’re finally inspired. And we all know how rare that is!

2. Zero Social Life

Being a writer means that saying no to social gatherings is a pretty regular thing. Romantic movie night with your other half? You already promised yourself you’d write 1,000 words. Brunch with the girls? You’re so down – except you know there’s that unedited scene that needs a read-through stat. While missing the party sucks in the moment, we know that having a fun night out is nothing compared to having a productive night in and finally finishing that tough chapter you’ve been working on day and night. So if you’re friends ever ask why it looks like you don’t see the sun… that’s probably why.

1.We Are A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

Writers are stereo typically quiet, introverted creatures. But only our real friends know the truth – we’re probably the most dramatic people out there. One moment, we’re beaming and bouncing off the walls because we just came up the best idea ever. But by the next hour, we’re distraught. ‘How could I have thought that was a good idea? That is literally the worst plot anyone has ever come up with. Can I even call myself a writer?’ And then before the day is through we’re so focused and occupied by our writing that we probably wouldn’t even notice our house was burning down. ‘Who cares if someone says they don’t like my idea?’ You tell yourself undauntedly. ‘I love my idea and I’m going to goddamn write this no matter who says what!’

If you’re a writer and you relate to any of these struggles, comment down bellow! What are your biggest problems as an artist? As always, don’t forget to subscribe for more posts like this! Thanks for reading and I hope it made you laugh! Until next time,


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