21 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

A little over a month ago, I officially turned 21. I’ve got say, I feel a little weird saying it out loud. Where the heck did time go? How am I no longer a teenager anymore? About five years have passed since I graduated high school and I feel like I’ve changed so much since then. So in in this post, I wanted to write about 21 things that I wish I could tell my younger self back then. To the girl who had no idea what she was doing with her bangs, to the girl who was trying way too hard to memorize the area of a pentagon and to the girl who just wanted to sit at her desk silently while she jotted down endless tales, this is for you. And of course, for all the girls & guys who are on the verge of graduating high school and worrying about what happens next.

  1. When teachers insist you’ll need everything you learnt in school in the real world…they were wrong. 


  1. Try new things every chance you get, go hard on that bucket list!


  1. It’s never too late to learn a new language, sport or hobby.


  1. You can never know everything! There is always something to learn so go out there and find it.


  1. Don’t be afraid to have a change of heart.


  1. Change your career plans & change them again – Find what’s right for you & don’t ever settle for something less.


  1. Listen to your instincts more – you have them for a reason!


  1. Internships aren’t a waste of time – They really do lead to better things.


  1. Taking a workshop or a class isn’t just for beginners – Hence #18.


  1. Don’t forget to take time for yourself – it’s so necessary.


  1. Don’t give up who you are to be something for someone else.


  1. You’re never too old for kid movies and pigging out – Sing Let it Go at the top of your lungs guilt free!


  1. Yes coffee is a Godsend – but drink more water!


  1. Stop worrying about money so much – you’re young & things will work out.


  1. Your first job will definitely not be your last!


  1. Friendship really is a garden but sometimes it needs weeding.


  1. Find the people who respect you and your life & don’t settle for anything less.


  1. Connections are everything, so get out there and meet people!


  1. Stop procrastinating! A sentence is better than a blank page.


  1. Honesty (towards yourself & others) is always the best policy.

     1. Adulting is hard – Take a minute to enjoy the little moments.

There is my list of 21 things I would tell my younger self – I hope this helped you out there in some way or made you laugh because you feel the same. Comment down below your experiences, questions and pieces of advice you wish you’d known as a teenager! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe for updates!


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